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Obama's Hawaii Moon (indra)

Obama's Hawaii Moon (cosmo)

Obama's Kenya Moon (indra)

Obama's Kenya Moon (cosmo)

Barack Obama's birth place has been the topic for speculation in the astrological community since his race for the Senate. Now the public is hearing about it on network news stations. There are claims that Obama's step-grandmother, Sarah Onyango Obama, told reporters that Barack Obama, Jr. was born in Kenya. The President hasn't released an official birth certificate, but the official document released as his proof of birth is a certificate of live birth, place of birth Honolulu, Hawaii. So I created two charts, one for his birthplace in Kenya, and the other in Hawaii. You will see the changes the location creates in the Ascendant, Midheaven, Moon and its placement, and all of the aspects created between these and the rest of the horoscope.

The Hawaii chart has a Fourth House Gemini Moon for our President; The Kenya chart has a Third House Taurus Moon. Wow big difference! The Moon indicates one's emotional disposition, and astrologers look to the Moon sign and placement to see what people are sensitive to, attached to or comforted by.

If his Moon is in Taurus, he would exhibit a very grounded demeanor that would be calming and soothing to those who look to him for direction. If provoked he would be slow to rattle, and would take comfort in his loved ones and family. Taurus Moon is determined and emotionally resistant to changes, but with the 3rd house placement (Gemini house), it is colored with more excitability and flexibility. He would be driven by the past experiences he's had, even though he wouldn't necessarily see it that way. The Moon in this chart creates a Fixed Grand Cross, between the Ascendant, the Midheaven and Uranus in the 7th.

" A Fixed Grand Cross is said to lead to a person who is well organized but does not know where to direct their talents. Consequently, those with a fixed grand cross tend to be stuck in the same place." (Wikipedia) The fixed energy is between the emotions (Moon)/perception (Ascendant)/career (Midheaven)/ and change (Uranus).

But, if President Obama was born in Hawaii, he would have a Gemini Moon. This Moon sign is rational emotionally, and usually uncomfortable with demonstrative displays of sentimentality and physical touching. The fourth house placement indicates one who is emotionally very attached to the past, their heritage, their family and upbringing. His connection to his Mother is very strong and he would seek a mothering mate as a spouse.

In this chart his Moon trines Jupiter, making it easy for him to overlook past mistakes and be forward thinking and tolerant of differences. But his Moon would square Pluto, making it difficult for him in relationships; as his feelings become so urgent and compelling that he periodically needs to rethink, let go and move on.

Both observations are possible to draw conclusions from. You be the judge. Read the different charts on our President, and let us know what you think!




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