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Elin Nordegren Woods's Natal Chart Elin Nordegren Woods
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Elin Nordegren Woods

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Elin Nordegren Woods

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Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren Woods (what a mouthful!) is Tiger's wife. She is a beautiful blond from Sweden, and most men's dream beauty. That is why it is so confusing to see Tiger in the news, having cheated on her not once, but countless times.

I wanted to look at her chart and understand this female's possible flaws to drive him into another's arms. I'm unable to find her accurate birth time (if anyone knows it, send it to me please). I cast a chart with only her date and place.

Elin is also a Capricorn, and her Moon is in Gemini, opposite Tigers. When we look at someone's sexuality in a chart we look at many signs, but most important are the sign and placements for Venus and Mars. Elin's Venus is in Aquarius and her Mars is in Virgo.
This speaks volumes about her; Venus the planet of values makes deep intimacy and emotional bonding feel more like friendship. Mars in Virgo can make for a perfectionist that looses their spontaneity. But let's be fair, she has two little ones, and that can make any mom a little bit off hormonally. So, who's to say who's at fault here, who drove who to what actions?

Read about Elin and Tiger in their charts, and then read their compatibility report in "The Woods". You decide after that who did what.

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