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Gary Coleman

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Gary Coleman died as a result of a head injury May 28th at the hospital, when his wife requested him to be taken off life support. At the time of this writing, no details have been offered as to the reason for this injury, other than it happened due to a fall in his home in Santaquin, Utah.

There is widespread speculation regarding his wife and family, as to the hush hush nature of their disclosure after Gary's death, as to how he fell. While he was alive, their marriage had been the subject of tabliods, with domestic disputes. Once his wife was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence, and they were both cited with disorderly conduct.

In reading Gary's chart you'll see he craved love and appreciation (Venus in Capricorn) and had difficulties asserting his will (Saturn in Aries). With many marriages and a lifetime dealing with congenital kidney disease, Gary had a difficult life, even in the best of times. I'm thinking good thoughts about a young talented up and coming actor, who hopefully is making others smile and laugh on the other side.

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