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Jason Hawes's Natal Chart Jason Hawes
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Jason Hawes

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Jason Hawes

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Jason Hawes is a Capricorn. He is the Co-Founder of TAPS, and leads the investigations in the show GHOST HUNTERS. He is a private personality, never sharing what it was that started him on this quest. He is rock solid, and leads his crew in a serious search for what goes bump in the night.

With his steady Taurus Moon, we know he is grounded in reality, and doesn't take the approach of psychics and mediums, but bases his investigations on debunking and scientifically found evidence. Having strong earth energy in a chart makes for strong foundations to grow from, and Jason has been involved in not one but three television shows, merchandise, books, publications, and haunted real estate.

He is well respected among his peers, and I look forward to watching where his career takes him next!

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