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Jennifer Anniston's Natal Chart Jennifer Anniston
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Jennifer Anniston

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Jennifer Anniston

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Jennifer Anniston is always in the news. Who is she dating now? Is that a baby bump? On and on about Jenn...what is the fascination with Jenn?

Well, besides the obvious, hit TV show, X wife of Brad Pitt, movies coming out and in pre-production; this girl has a shelf life in the industry.

When I looked at her chart, I start to notice all of the magic of Jenn. She is a Libra Rising, the sign of the diplomat, the everything to everyone girl. Having Libra up front brings a grace and beauty, as Venus rules her ascendant, or appearance. You will rarely find a Libra rising whose appearance is sloppy, as good taste is an inborn trait.

And, Jennifer has her Ascendant trine her Sun and sextile her Moon. Talk about balance, this Libra rising has her yin and yang in order. There are many signs within her chart that speak of her philosophical leanings and spirituality. She is naturally psychic, with humanitarian goals and dreams.

But like all of us Jennifer has lessons to learn. When looking at her transits, I can see she is in a period of ending a cycle of life, with Saturn in her 12th house, and preparing the way for a new existence, beginning in August 2012. Letting go of the past, the people in the past and the belief systems that limit us are how to prepare for the new life ahead. And with Saturn exactly conjunct her natal Uranus as I write this, know that Jenn is fighting a battle with her own internal forces and resistance from the outer world.

Now is the time for her to make changes at the most fundamental levels so her life takes the turn she's working towards; moving from youth to middle age. Letting go of outworn dreams, hopes and goals frees up energy to recreate ourselves. Time will show us how she chooses to live out this period, with grace and flexibility, or kicking and screaming.

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