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Jody Foster

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Jody Foster

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Jody Foster is a Scorpio, one of the strongest signs for a woman to tame. She had her Mom model her future behavior, as she raised Jody without her Father. Her Mom supported her and her siblings by working as a film producer.

Jody got her start in her career at 3 years old. She began with commercials and soon was in television and movies. She did well in school and graduated from a French speaking prep school in Los Angeles in 1980 as valedictorian. She made 50 film and television appearances before beginning college.

With Sagittarius Ascendant, she appears to have abundant fire and talent, while having the humility of a Moon in Virgo. But behind that exterior is a deep and private Scorpio woman, with powerful needs and desires. With her Mars in Leo she needs recognition and applause in life, and she seeks it through story telling.

Read Jody's report and learn about what inspires and motivates this highly sensitive woman.

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