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Mel Gibson and Jody Foster's Natal Chart Mel Gibson and Jody Foster
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Mel Gibson and Jody Foster's Horoscope
Mel Gibson and Jody Foster

Mel Gibson and Jody Foster is a Mixed - Dual Horoscope
Mel Gibson and Jody Foster

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Mel Gibson and Jody Foster haven't worked together since Maverick (1994), but they are busy filming THE BEAVER due out in 2011. They have an onscreen magic that translates to a friendship off camera. Jody came to his rescue after his drunk driving in Malibu episode, to the LA Times.

Both are recharged in their careers. Mel is acting in his second role since 2003, and Jody is directing her first film since 1995. Together they are working toward building a future, independently. Jody is nearing her "life pinnacle" transit, where Saturn conjoins the Midheaven. This is where all of your worldly actions can have their greatest opportunity to be showcased.

Mel has Saturn conjunct his natal Moon, a great time for soul searching and reinventing himself. Work is a great diversion from the emotional toil he is bound to be going through now. With each other's support, we will see how well they do on their project together again.

I've posted a "compatibility report" for you to read. Learn about their similarities and differences that combine to make a great friendship.

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