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Merle Streep's Natal Chart Merle Streep
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Merle Streep

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Merle Streep

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Merle is the quintessential Leo rising. Leo the lion has a formidable mane, a regal presence, and a "land on their feet" cat like ability in life. Merle Streep is a very capable woman with a commanding appearance.

But her Sun is in Cancer in the 11th House in her natal chart. She is loyal and devoted to those she loves. She is in the center of a larger social group she belongs to, and sees the political implications in all aspects of life. She fights for the causes she belongs to with complete compassion. Merle is a reformer at heart.

With a Taurus Moon in the 10th House, Merle is at home in public, and in front of the camera. She has a soothing and calm touch with those in her environment, and is grounded emotionally.

Her chart is the chart of a crusader, and when you read about her keep in mind how long she has been in the foreground of her craft, still on top of the heap! Bravo Merle!!

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