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Russell and Ridley's Natal Chart Russell and Ridley
Full Report
Russell and Ridley's Horoscope
Russell and Ridley

Russell and Ridley is a Mixed - Dual Horoscope
Russell and Ridley

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Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott are working on their 5th film together, working title, Robin Hood. As you will read in their compatibility report, they share the fire at times, and at other times, there are fireworks.

They both are Alpha males, with strong attitudes and personalities. When it works, artistically and creatively, there must be nothing better for them both. But at times, the power struggles must be intense.

What they do share is intensely powerful, they both have fixed Moon signs, making them determined and stubborn. They will stick to it until it is over, and through all of the fireworks and drama, they will deliver an amazing product again.

Read about them, and you will see how they are able to make it work together.

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