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Zak Bagans's Natal Chart Zak Bagans
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Zak Bagans

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Zak Bagans

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Zak Bagans, star of the show GHOST ADVENTURES, is an Aries. I became interested in Zak after seeing his approach to Ghost Hunting, being a seeker of the truth about the paranormal myself. I wonder what inspires some to actively chase ghosts, and others to run from them.

In Zak's chart, one of the driving forces is an aspect called Sun Opposite Pluto. He has both a fear of, and an intense fascination with, death and the hidden, secret, dark side of life. Also, his Sun Trines Neptune, bringing a sensitivity to the unseen.

His Moon is opposite Mercury, giving Zak an interest in the past, and a talent for getting to the heart of matters, through discourse with others. His fixed Moon in Scorpio is deep with the potential to be dark. Read about Zak in his report in order to learn what it takes to be a ghost hunter.

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